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  1. How do I get on the Agenda for a City Council meeting?  the Council meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm  and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm as necessary.  You should contact the City Clerk no later than 5pm Wednesday prior to a meeting, to put your topic on the agenda.  If you have information to enclose in the Agenda packet, 12 copies are needed.  (If you ask to be put on the agenda after the deadline noted above, the Council may decline to take action since they will not have had ample time to research and consider your request.)   
  2.  How do I get on the agenda for a Planning Commission meeting?  the Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm but only as needed; to get on the agenda you must contact the City Zoning Officer or the Clerk-Treasurer.  Various  permit application forms are also available under forms.  Please call the City Zoning Officer if you have any questions regarding permits.     

  3.    What are the hours of operation at the Battle Lake Solid Waste Transfer Station on West Highway 210?  Summer hours (Apr 1-Sep 30) M-S, 9 am-3 pm; Winter hours (Oct 1-Mar 31) M/W/Sat. 9 am-3pm.  You can call 864-8666 for further information on this Otter Tail County facility.
  4. Pet Licensing: Dogs and cats over 6 months old require licensing to avoid an administrative fine.  Lifetime licenses are now available.  Licenses may be purchased from the City Clerk's Office. Applications are available at City Hall.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required.
  5.  Zoning Permits:  Zoning permits are generally required for new construction, additions and alterations but not for maintenance.  For example:  zoning permits are required for storage sheds; zoning permits are not required for replacing siding or roofing. Zoning permit applications are available on this site.
  6. Special Event Permits are required for events held on public property such as City parks, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. Certificate of  liability insurance is required with the City of Battle Lake listed as additional insured; No fee; City Council approval is required.  Special Event Permit applications are available on this site. 
  7. Business Licenses: City licenses are issued to permit sales of Beer, Wine and Liquor.  The City also requires garbage haulers to be licensed.  Call the City Administrative Office for further information. 
  8. Park shelters: The City does not "reserve" park shelters, however you may have your event posted on the City's park shelter calendar and check for conflicts with other planned events by e-mailing us at  Notice of your planned event should be posted on-site at the shelter one day in advance.  When you hold an event at a park shelter, you will be responsible for disposing of all garbage that is generated.  If you do not, you will be billed for the cost of garbage pick-up and disposal. 
  9. City Hall Meeting rooms:  There are meeting rooms available at City Hall to accomodate small and large groups as well as "guest offices" for use either on a short or long term basis.  Wireless internet service is available throughout the building.    To learn more about using either a meeting room or office, please call or e-mail City Hall 218.864.0424
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