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The Prospect House Museum

Located at 403 Lake Avenue North, 5 blocks north of downtown

The historic Prospect House is an 18-room Georgian-style home built in 1882 by James Allison "Cap" Colehour, Civil War Veteran.  The home boasts of treasures from early days as the area's first tourist hotel to its later days as a family home.  It was lavishly remodeled in 1929 and looks much today as it did then.  The Prospect House became a museum in 2010.  In 2013, the Prospect House was listed on the National Register for Historic Places.

Civil War Museum

Jay Johnson, Colehour's great-grandson, discovered hundreds of Civil War mementos stored in the family home.  He organized them and placed them on display in the Civil War Museum located in the house.  "Cap's" collections include a Spencer rifle, letters written from the Civil War, campaign posters, tent, the sleeves of the uniform worn when wounded, ammunition, and so much more; it takes several visits to see. 

The Prospect House Museum(A 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization

The mission is to preserve the historic Prospect House and its collections and to educate people about earlier times. You can achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the making of our nation and our community by visiting the Prospect House Museum. 

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