City of Battle Lake

Heart of 1001 Lakes
Photo montage: a field of daisies, a family walking on the beach, a tranquil beach scene, and a fishing pole propped against a folding chair at the end of a dock

Elected Officials

The City of Battle Lake is a Statutory Standard Plan A City governed by a City Council composed of a Mayor and four Council members, all elected at-large.  The mayoral term of office is two years while council members are elected to four year terms.  The City holds its local elections in even numbered years. 


Richard Bullard
405 East Summit
Battle Lake   MN  56515
(320) 429-0541


  • Marjorie Quammen
    PO 625
    Battle Lake   MN  56515
    (218) 864-5900
  • Julia Everts-DeMars
    106 Dunton St. West
    Battle Lake  MN  56515
    (218) 282-0227

  • Don Maslow
    PO Box 207
    Battle Lake MN  56515
    (218) 205-6310

  • Ryan Christensen
    504 North Shore Drive
    Battle Lake MN  56515
    (218) 862-5556



City Government